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About Us

Metromatics Pty Ltd was established in 1989 and is a privately owned Australian Company. Metromatics Ltd was established in 2000. Metromatics continuous goal has been to represent quality suppliers of defence products and industrial sub systems and to on-sell these products to our own customer base in Australia and New Zealand. 

We have invested our resources and expertise into the in-house manufacture of High Bright Industrial Sunlight Readable LCDs, Light Weight Industrial Racks & Consoles and Systems Design & Integration of our products to meet the requirements of our customers.

Our focus is to establish an in depth working relationship with our customers that will allow us to ascertain their requirements and provide the best solution available.

Our Operations 

Our Head Office is located in North Lakes in Brisbane, Queensland and includes our corporate, sales, engineering, service, warehouse and administration offices. We have a 1000 sqm purpose built building for our manufacturing and repair facilities.

Our other Sales and Support offices are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and our subsidiary company Metromatics Ltd is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Our Design Capabilities

We have full time Mechanical & Electrical Design Engineers, who are experienced in working with our customers to incorporate their requirements into a design. Using the latest Research & Development (CAD/CAM) Software packages, we progress through to the build of prototypes before full production is enforced.

Our Systems Engineers are experienced in systems integration from product concept to final product roll out.

Our Project Management Experience

We are experienced in the area of Project Design and Management.  Our project managers ensure that the project runs smoothly, by determining the project milestones and identifying what tasks need to be completed and at what stage in order for the project to completed in a timely manner.

Our Systems Integration Experience

As mentioned above we have had great success with Systems Design, Integration and Project Management. We have experience with a range of different projects from the design, test & build of high end servers incorporating Single Board Computers, Chassis, Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Storage Cards for a high security application in Canberra to the design, build, project management and systems integration of Large Format Displays for the Australian Navy.

Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be successful, innovative and a solutions provider to our customers

Mission Statement

Our focus is to establish & maintain a working relationship with our customers, with a continuous goal to deliver quality products from ourselves and our suppliers and to provide our customers with the ultimate solution.

Core Values

Our Core Values are teamwork, accountability, and innovation.


Metromatics has implemented a Quality Assurance System which meets the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
The head office in North Lakes is accredited to the ISO 9001:2001by a JAS-ANZ accredited auditor.
These procedures form the foundation of how we do business and are available upon request.

To view please click the link below

Metromatics_Quality_Certification iso_9001_qec26485_expiry_2018.pdf

Privacy Policy

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METRO-96-30_Privacy_Policy_Statement_V1-0 METRO-96-30_Privacy_Policy_Statement_V1-0

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