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Metromatics is a Brisbane-based design, development, engineering and manufacturing company which specialises in delivering 19” Light Weight System Racks, Interface Racks & Consoles and MIL-STD Large Format Displays for a variety of Defence applications including Airborne & Shipborne projects.

We also develop a range of High Bright Sunlight Readable Industrial LCD Displays for the Public Transport and Outdoor Digital Signage Industries.
Metromatics supports its customers with a core team of capable design, mechanical, electronics & electrical engineers who are well experienced in the delivery of military and industrial projects that require a high level of control and rigour. 

Our engineering services and solutions cover all aspects of the product development and engineering processes such as Product Design, Product Development, Project Management, Prototyping, Testing, Certification, Manufacturing Support, and Product Support including documentation.

We are an industry leader with our 3D Design Capabilities, allowing quicker integration of products with our virtual looming and cabling.


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Defence Product Range

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19” Light Weight Racks
Network Racks
Encryption Racks
Entertainment System Racks
Radio Operator Console Bayed Racks
High Power DC Supply Cabinets
Inverter Cabinet Assemblies
Large Format MIL-STD LCD Displays – Single/Triple


Industrial Product

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LCD Passenger Information Display
Industrial Panel PC


Defence Product Range

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Large format display - single

Some of the features of our rugged LCD Technology include:

  • High brightness from 500 to 2000 nits
  • Allowing readability in direct sunlight with a wide viewing angle
  • Sizes range from 10.4” to 72”
  • Designed to meet many Military Standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 & others
  • Options include rugged touch screen, various input connections such as DVI, USB, RS-232, RS-242 etc, user programmable keys, advanced image processing and more

We specialise in the customisation and development of a product to meet and exceed your every requirement.

Large format display - triple

Some of the features of our rugged LCD Technology include:

  • High brightness from 500 to 2000 nits
  • Allowing readability in direct sunlight with a wide viewing angle
  • Sizes range from 10.4” to 72”
  • Designed to meet many Military Standards such as MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-461 & others
  • Options include rugged touch screen, various input connections such as DVI, USB, RS-232, RS-242 etc, user programmable keys, advanced image processing and more

We specialise in the customisation and development of a product to meet and exceed your every requirement.

Rugged 42” LCD Video Walls

Features of some of these displays include

  • High Definition, High brightness video information to crew on the bridge of the frigate
  • Product Designed & Tested to survive according to MIL-STD-901D as well as vibration standards
  • This product was a world first category Class A meeting shock in a rugged display

19" Light Weight Racks & Consoles

Features of some of these racks include

  • Designed, manufactured & Tested to a range of MIL-STDs -901D, MIL-STD-167, MIL-STD-461, MIL-STD, 1310F & other Naval Ruggedisation Standards
  • Provided Fibre Optic, Coaxial, power and network cabling solutions
  • Full supporting documentation including Electrical Schematics, Cable Schedules, General Assembly Drawings & Integration Guides 

Industrial Product Range

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LCD Passenger Information Display

MetroSpec LCD Passenger Information Displays provide clear & concise messages to your commuters. They are a high bright LCD Display viewable in sunlight designed and tested to an IP66 Standard enclosed in a steel frame incorporating an internal control system which will operate in warm, cool, and dusty conditions.

Key features of our displays are:

  • Automatic Dimming System with ambient sensors allowing clear viewing in most lighting conditions
  • LED Backlit LCD Systems ensuring lower energy consumption
  • Easy Installation & maintenance
  • IP54/IP66 for operation indoor & outdoor passenger timetable / message applications
  • Designed to operate 24/7
  • Anti-Vandalism features and housing
  • Designed to EN55022 standard.

Industrial Panel PC

Metromatics manufacture and market a large range of digital signage, passenger information displays and Industrial Panel PCs under the MetroSpec Brand Name.

The MetroSpec 12.1” Panel PC is an embedded computer contained in a rugged aluminium/stainless marine grade case with bezel. It contains a capacitive 12.1” touch screen to allow easy navigation. The screen is LED backlit thereby saving power with a brightness of 1600 nits allowing viewing in sunlit drenched areas and manufactured to an IP66 Standard. Other features of the 12.1” Panel PC include,

  • 6msec response time
  • Good Viewing angle 80º/80º
  • Input/Output connections – IP68, VGA, USB, Ethernet
  • IP66 Integrated Speakers for Audio purposes
  • Range of other sizes available
  • Other types of touch screens available
  • Ideal for Industrial or harsh environmental conditions
  • Available in numerous configurations such as fully sealed, front bezel seal, VESA Mount and more

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Metromatics has recently developed and released the “MetroSpec Presenter Software” which is a highly configurable content display system for use with our “MetroSpec” Displays.It is a lightweight software solution for the display of text, messages, images and video in the customer’s own configuration.

Features of the MetroSpec Presenter Software include:

  • Runs onboard the display’s internal ARM Cortex-based single board computer
  • Solid-state storage for operating system providing increased reliability and Eliminating hard disk failure due to heat
  • Layout of on-screen content is configurable to meet customer requirements
  • Able to display text, images and video simultaneously
  • Able to display text animation
  • Able to stream content from any network source or attached USB drive
  • Can be controlled over network via the MetroSpec Presenter Client software (optional)
  • Can be controlled over network via API to allow full integration with existing customer data sources


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Design Engineering


The Metromatics Engineering design team are world leaders of 3D Electrical Routing using the SolidWorks Electrical specialised Software.

Their key capabilities comprise of being able to 3D Model the virtual cable looms and routing required by various systems. This gives Metromatics the advantage of virtually prototyping not just the metal work but the wiring and looming for early stage design changes.

The benefit of this design process means that it allows our production team to commence the manufacture of complex cable assemblies ahead of the cabinet metal work which in turn reduces the integration times significantly.



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The electrical engineering services focus on delivering models and drawings for complex cable harnessing systems.

Our engineering team produces the following:

  • Electrical schematics, Electrical Wiring diagrams
  • 3D CAD models showing all cables and routes for client reviews
  • Nailboard drawings and manufacturing drawings for controlled engineering manufacturing of cable looms
  • Detailed Cable Schedules for traceablility and control of cable specifications and labelling requirements


Our mechanical team specialises in the design of equipment enclosures that meet rigorous military environmental qualification standards. We also deliver thermal optimisation services and optimisation for marine environments.


Electronic and Embedded System Design

Our electronic development team delivers turnkey Product development services with the following features:

  • Firmware design and development
  • Printed circuit board design including high speed digital
  • Software and data driven web application development

Purchasing & Documentation

Metromatics has dedicated purchasing officers and document control staff, who manage the timely delivery of high quality Military grade products and documentation deliverables.  

Our manufacturing is conducted with a just-in-time method. This requires our purchasing team to source the most suitable quality item which meets the specification of the product being manufactured and delivered on time to meet the production schedule.

All documentation is developed and controlled in accordance with best practice defence configuration management principles and to an ISO 9001 standard. Some of the types of documents we have provided for Defence deliverables in the past include: Certificate of Conformance, Electrical Schematics and Cable Schedules, General Assembly Drawings and Integration guides.


Metromatics has a dedicated and flexible manufacturing capability in Brisbane as well as sales and support teams based in Melbourne Adelaide and Sydney. Our electrical integrators are accredited to IPC-610 and IPC-620 and have a great deal of experience with wiring interfaces for racks, consoles and cables. We have close industry ties with a number of sheet metal fabricators and recently have acquired the capability to passivate large aluminium structures with low toxicity hexavalent chromium free surface treatments.

Systems Integration and Testing

Metromatics are experienced in Systems Integration and Testing. There are a number of different projects in which we have been successful such as from the design, test & build and integration of high end servers incorporating Single Board Computers, Chassis, Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Storage Cards for a high security application in Canberra to the design, build, project management and systems integration of Large Format Displays for the Australian Navy meeting MIL-STD-901D vibration and classified as world first Class A.  

Our display products incorporate the latest sunlight readable displays which have ultra-bright screens, which are built to an IP66 standard to meet a range of hot/cool/dusty/ environments, with embedded pcs, optional touch screens, anti-vandalism and many other features. It can also be built to meet the requirements of the application such a commercial display with an IP54 standard.

All products before they leave our facility are put through a rigorous testing routine to ensure they meet the specifications required.  We do outsource some MIL-STD Testing to qualified testing houses for certification.

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Research & Development    
We recognise the importance of Research & Development and specialise in the customisation of our products. We can help you take your requirement from development sketches to design, 3-D models and specifications, and finally to full-rate production.

We have 2 full time Research & Development Engineers who specialise in researching products, product methods & processes, developing, testing and implementing them into our technologies.

Prototypes are generally manufactured of the first article delivered. Factory Acceptance Testing with the customer may then occur and all aspects of the prototype are reviewed and any changes are recorded before full production is enforced.

We have a team of project managers, systems integrators, and engineering and production staff dedicated to this area constantly striving to produce world first leading edge technology to meet our customers’ requirements.

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Project Management    

We have dedicated project managers with substantial experience in managing complex development programs using a proven suite of management tools covering:

Our project managers handle

  • All communications, meetings and interaction between the customer and our engineering and production departments
  • Determining Project Milestones
  • Identifying which tasks need to be completed in order for project to be completed in a timely manner
  • Effective management of schedule, expenditure, product quality, product cost and development risk trade-offs
  • Identify development risks and any hazards
  • Design Change Control
  • Design Transfers
  • Subsystems detailed designs & Integration
  • Technical reviews
  • Safety Review – hazards
  • Manage prototypes builds and identify improvements with design & R&D engineers
  • Identify reusable design elements
  • System performance simulation & optimisation

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Metromatics has a fully functional secure repair workshop located at our Brisbane Office with the latest test equipment and thermal chamber.  

Our Service Manager and qualified electrical engineers are capable of testing and generally repairing majority of our products. Most of our suppliers provide our Repair Workshop with the necessary schematic drawings to allow the repair to take place.

For major projects, spare parts are kept in each relevant office to reduce customer down time. We aim to repair on site, however in some instances this is not achievable and goods need to be returned to our Brisbane Office.

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