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For tips on evaluating color label printer, please click the below link.

7_tips_for_evaluating_color_label_printer_Metro_Feb_2015_to_Web_FN.pdf 7_tips_for_evaluating_color_label_printer_Metro_Feb_2015_to_Web_FN.pdf

Downloads & Manuals

For the latest hardware, software, manual updates please see below.

1. Acromag COM Express Embedded Systems
Metro276_comexpress_brochure_fn.pdf Metro276_comexpress_brochure_fn.pdf

2. Futek 2015 Product Guide

futek_2015_product_guide_to_email.pdf futek_2015_product_guide_to_email.pdf

3.  Acromag White Paper - Importance of Isolation


4. Acromag Application Note - Reduce PLC Costs with Signal Conditioners

reduce-plc-costs-with-signal-conditioners.pdf reduce-plc-costs-with-signal-conditioners.pdf

5. Acromag White Paper - The Essentials of Single Ended and Differential Voltage Measurement and which method to apply - Part 1

voltagemeasurementpt1.pdf voltagemeasurementpt1.pdf

6. Acromag White Paper - The Essentials of Single Ended and Differential Voltage Measurement and which method to apply - Part 2

voltagemeasurementpt2.pdf voltagemeasurementpt2.pdf

7. Acromag White Paper - How to add circuit protection when adding inductive loads

adding-protection-when-switching-inductive-loads.pdf adding-protection-when-switching-inductive-loads.pdf

RMA Number

In order for a product to be serviced by the Metromatics Service Department, please phone 07 3868 4255 and ask to speak to the service department so that we can issue a RMA Number that the goods can be referred to.


Service Packages

The product that you purchase from Metromatics automatically comes with a one year warranty or more (depending on the product). However, should you wish to extend that warranty agreement, please phone 07 3868 4255 and request to speak to our service department so that a service package quotation can be arranged.


Product Research & Development

Metromatics pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the expertise provided by our staff. We spend a great deal of time researching the trends of the market, exploring new products, developing prototypes and making improvements on current models. Should you have a product that is not commercially available off the shelf Metromatics will do our best to accommodate and work with you to provide you with the ultimate customised solution. Contact our friendly sales or service staff in your nearest state for further information.



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