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I/O & Carrier Cards

Product Code: DIOCC

I/O & Carrier Cards

The World’s leading manufacturers of I/O boards and mezzanine modules which are ideal for embedded computer and high-performance control systems.


Acromag's I/O boards and mezzanine modules offer a choice of

  • Acropack I/O Modules (New Generation PCIe based)
  • Carrier Cards
  • Industry Pack I/O
  • PMC I/O
  • PCI I/O
  • CompactPCI I/o
  • XMC Products
  • Mass Storage

The Acromag I/O products have an unmatched balance of features, performance, and price for the best values in embedded I/O. These boards are based on technology and circuit designs with time-tested reliability in thousands of installations.

X-ES offer a range of I/O modules, storage and carrier cards such as

  • I/O Modules – serial communication cards supporting multiple ports and protocols

  • Storage – high density Solid State Disk (SSD) storage solutions and removable SSD options

  • Carriers – XMC, COMExpress and PMC Modules in VPX, CompactPCI, XMC and VME form factors

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