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Field Signature Analysis & PCB Analysis Tools

Product Code: fsapcbat001

Huntron has been helping people troubleshoot circuit card problems by manufacturing high quality tools that help isolate faulty electronic components utilising power off signature analysis. Their robotic automation helps deal with the increase in board complexity and help users save valuable test time.

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Tracker Model 30

Huntron Tracker Model 30 is the compact Tracker designed for use with Huntron Workstation and accessories or a Huntron Access Prober.

The advantage of Tracker Signature Analysis capabilities assists in troubleshooting printed circuit board (PCB) faults to the component level and without applying power, saving circuits from possible further damage

Tracker 2800 & Tracker 2800S

The Tracker 2800's features variable range parameters resulting in over 100 combinations of voltage, source resistance and frequency. The 2800 series is a great off-line support tool for the automated Huntron Access Prober diagnostic systems.   Other features include

  • Optional Software Control using Huntron Workstation
  • Fast Signature Refresh
  • Enhanced Range Selections
  • Full Screen Signature Zoom
  • Colour Touch Screen controls
  • Huntron SigAssist® built-in
  • Built-in DC Voltage Source for testing gated devices (i.e. SCRs, relays, etc.)
  • Up to 40 pin scanning with the Tracker 2800S

Tracker 3200S

The Huntron Tracker 3200S provides powerful test and troubleshooting solutions. It features a variable range of parameters resulting in hundreds of voltage, source resistance & frequency combinations.

  • Colour LCD Touch Screen for control of features
  • Fast refresh rate for screening component pins & displays A & B Channel signatures at the same time
  • Built in pulse generator to allow testing of gated devices as SCRs, TRIACs & relays

Access Prober

Huntron Access Prober is used to automate the testing of printed circuits assemblies (PCA.).  The exceptional accuracy achieved by micro-stepping and linear encoding ensures reliable probing of the smallest surface mounted components.

By using either the standard built-in test probe or a custom test probe, the Huntron Access Probers add flying probe technology to your new or existing equipment. The high-resolution colour camera ensures correct probe placement and provides a clear view of the PCA under test.

There are currently 3 Models available

Access & Access 2 Flying Probe & Access DH Prober

Tracker & Access Prober Accessories

A range of Huntron accessories are available for the Tracker & Access Probers. These include

  • Scanner II for Tracker Model 30 which allows multiple pin scanning with cable interfaces such as custom cables or IC Clips.
  • Scanner Adaptor – allowing secure connection of IDC style cable to Scanner II
  • SMT SOIC Clip Kits, Through hole DIP Clips, 68 pin breakout cable Scanner II
  • Huntron Workstation Software for Tracker 2800 or 2800S which allows scanning and storing of tracker signatures on your windows PC

Huntron Workstation Software

The Huntron Tracker and Huntron Workstation are recognised as the standard for power-off debug and troubleshooting of printed circuit cards. The Huntron Workstation Software is now automated for Digital Multi-Metre and Oscilloscope measurements using a predefined test plan, capturing measurements, comparing to either a stored measurement or against a defined value and viewing the results of your test. Most of your DMM and oscilloscope measurement functions such as DC/AC voltage, waveform capture, resistance, capacitance and frequency are supported. Upgrades to fully automated DMM and oscilloscope test using Huntron Access robotic flying probers are directly supported with a range of external test instruments.

The Huntron Workstation Software is designed to bring a high level of efficiency and flexibility to board test creation and troubleshooting. The multiple pane layout of Huntron Workstation allows for fast test creation, quick viewing of component signatures, control of robotic probers and CAD viewing tools that update on the fly.  Other accessories available from Huntron include MP10 & MP20 Probes & DIP Clips for the Scanner.

Metromatics sell, supply and support the Huntron Instruments brand within Australia & New Zealand. Please Contact us now for further information or pricing.


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