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Product Code: FPGA


Acromag’s PMC and XMC FPGA modules feature a user-customisable Xilinx Artix®, Kintex®, Spartan® or Virtex® series FPGA. These modules allow users to develop and store their own instruction sets in the FPGA for a variety of adaptive computing applications.

Common uses include sonar, radar, hardware simulation, automated test equipment, protocol conversion, in-circuit diagnostics, military servers, telecommunication, and digital signal processing.

Typical applications for conduction-cooled models include manned and unmanned vehicles, battleground SIGINT and communications systems, deployment on tanks, or any system where ambient or forced air can’t provide adequate cooling.

X-ES provides a line of high-performance FPGA processing modules which include features such as FMC sites and daughter cards to simplify I/O compatibility for many different applications.

With the combination of superior signal processing capabilities as well as high speed A/D and D/A conversion, these modules are ideal solutions for high-end RF signal acquisition, SDR, and DSP requirements.

Future Proofing VME Systems - X-ES has your solution to EOL Tsi148 VME Bridge

X-ES is committed to VME and the many systems that rely upon its proven technology.

With their cutting-edge FPGA-based VME Bridge, X-ES is able to offer more features and functionality than had ever previously been available with a traditional VME Bridge.  Their Intel® and NXP 6U VME SBCs come standard with high-performance processing capabilities, a wide variety of I/O support including Ethernet, USB, and serial, and are backed by their top-tier team of engineers and local support from Metromatics.

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