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Ipetronik Data Acquisition Systems & Software

Product Code: LDASS

Ipetronik’s measurement channels and data loggers are in continuous operation and provide dependable data acquisition for drivetrain, engine cooling, HVAC and more.

Innovative measurement technology by Ipetronik includes

  • Temperature
  • Current and voltage
  • Strain gage
  • Pressure
  • Voltage and current on HV drive systems
  • Frequencies and RPM
  • Logging
  • Diagnostic
  • Data loggers and accessories

Applications that the Ipetronik’s products service include

  • DAQ systems for drivetrain
  • Development of thermal management
  • Summer and winter field testing
  • Climatic wind tunnel testing
  • Fleet management
  • HV measurements
  • Structural durability
  • Brake and chassis development
  • Electrical system development


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Measurement Devices

Ipetronik’s have various measurement devices available

Temperature – 4RTD inputs or Multi Inputs or 8/16 K type thermocouple inputs, CANBus
Sensors V, I – 8 Channel analogue input with sensor excitation, CANBus
Sensors STG, ICP – 8 Channel DMS/ICP Inputs with excitation, CANBus or Ethernet
Frequency – 4 Universal Counter Inputs with sensor excitation, CANBus
Multi T, V – 8 K-Type Themocouple/Voltage Inputs CANBus or 42 Analogue Inputs (Thermo-K-Type/Voltage/Frequency) CANBus
High Voltage -  4 High Voltage Inputs or 4-K-Type High Voltage Themocouple Inputs with CANBus

Data Loggers

Ipetronik’s have various data logging devices available

IPElog – High Performance Data logger for automotive applications with Real Time OS
FLEETlog – Fleet Data Logger for automotive applications with Real Time OS
M-LOG – Modular Data Logger Platform with real time OS
IPEhub2 – Trace Logger with CAN2WiFi gateway


ThePressure Sensors – CAN-Bus, 0-10 bar, 0-150 bar, or 0-25 bar versions available in relative or absolute formats
Current Sensors -  Current Clamp with Analogue output or Electronic Shunt with Analogue Output


Datalogger – M-LOG Extension Wireless Data Transmission; M-LOG Extension FlexRay
CANbus – USB2CAN Gateway; 20Hz GPS Receiver
Power – Power distribution box & intelligent UPS System
Voltage (HV) – High Voltage Input, Analogue Output
Current (HV) – High Voltage Current Clamp Converter, Analogue Output
Cables – System I/O Cable Overview

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IPEmotion, is a Software complementing Ipetronik’s measuring modules and data loggers that is available in different customised editions. They’re also in the process of developing special AddOns to make their devices run with third party software solutions.

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IPEmotion is a modern off-the-shelf data acquisition software that also serves applications such as analysis, reporting, test bench automation and system monitoring. By implementing special PlugIns, IPEmotion supports measuring applications in the field of vehicle testing and various other areas.

Data Logger Software 3.55

Our data loggers run a high-performance real time operating system customised to user requirements. It is under permanent further development and every new version provides attractive new features.

IPEmotion App 2.13

The new IPEmotion App supports mobile data display for Android devices.

You gain a host of benefits:

  • Quick and easy measuring data display
  • Vehicle CAN interface can be connected to any Android device
  • Display function for IPETRONIK data loggers


IPETRONIK provides a concept that allows to implement and use custom operations in an easy way. This process is based on implementation of an interface in the IPETRONIK TESTdrive software (from version 03.18). Using DLLs, you can execute your custom functions and implement your calculations in TESTdrive.

Application drivers IPEaddon INCA and DIAdem CANdia

We provide special drivers for our customers to use our hardware in combination with third party software solutions, such as 'INCA' or 'DIAdem'.

Metromatics sell, supply and support the Ipetroniks product range within Australia & New Zealand, please Contact us now for further information or pricing.

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