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Load Cells, Pressure, Force, Accelerometers, Multiaxis & USB Sensors

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Metromatics are the Sensor and Related Instruments and Software specialists.  We are proud to offer to our customers the leading sensor technology products available from these two fantastic suppliers.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology

Dytran Instruments, Inc

Torque Sensors

Load Cells

Pressure Sensors

Multi Axis Sensors

Panel Mount Display

SENSIT Sensor Software

Hand Held Display

Strain Gauge Amplifier

External USB Module

In-line Amplifiers

USB Sensors

Portable Calibration Kits

Accelerometers - Piezo or DC

Force Sensors

Pressure Sensors

Impedence Heads

Impulse Hammers

In-line Charge Amplifiers

Signal Conditioners

Vibration Meters

Cables and Accessories

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology

Futek Advanced Sensor Technology has designed and developed sensor solutions for industries including Aerospace, Medical, Automotive and manufacturing for the last 25 years.  Futek recognise how critical their sensor products are to their customers platforms and that is why their products are renowned to offer the highest quality and reliability in test and measurement tools.  Their Load Cells are Multi Axis Load Cells are reliable and recognised in the industry especially in Australia.

*** Or download Futek's New Applications Booklet


Miniature Sensor Solutions

Load button Load Cells

Solutions for applications requiring tension, compression & torsion measurements

Solutions for loading, press, in-line and endurance weighing applications - perfect load cells

Capacity range 10g to 20,000 lb

Capacity range 1 lb to 50,000 lb


LSB200 S-Beam Jr Load Cell

Thru-Hole Load Cells

Measures tensile and compresson forces with over load protection

In-line compression applications with many different inside diameter variations

Capacity range 10g to 100 lb

Capacity range 50 lb to 50,000 lb


In-line Load Cells

S-Beam Load Cells

Ideal for In-line endurance testing requiring high accuracy & Strain relief. Available in various outer diameters, multiple thread options and sizes.

In-line Endurance with vast capacity, overload protection and that are submersible.

Capacity 25 lb to 700,000 lb

Capacity 10 g to 25,000 lb


Rotary Torque Sensor

OEM Solutions

Ideal for Torsion measurement, torque auditing, in-line & reaction applications. Models options include Rotary Drive Torque Sensors, Rotary Hex Drive and Rotary Shaft to Shaft.

Taking the OEM route with FUTEK means that they will work with you to find a solution that is efficient, high performance, and cost effective.

0.5 Nm up to 1,000 Nm





Panel Mount Display

SENSIT Software

Futek’s IPM650 is a multi-purpose panel mount display compatible with strain gauge and amplified output sensors.  For use with Load Cells, Pressure Sensors or Torque Sensors it s ia reliable tool for continious automation applications and precise enough for delicate medical requirements.

SENSIT is a software platform that collects graphs and interprets your data.  It operates with Futek’s USB Sensor Outputs, Hand Held and Panel displays by displaying peak/valley, tare/gross and providing full data logging and live graphing capabilities.


Hand Held Displays

Strain Gauge Amplifiers

Futek’s IHH500 Hand Held Display is a versatile tool which is compatible with strain gauge sensors.  It is a designed to fit multiple applications and various enviroment setups and contains 4 inputs and 4 outputs with high resolution, accuracy & samples per second.

Futek’s  CSG110 Strain Gauge Amplifier is an In-Line instrument tooled for any full-bridge strain gauged sensor with a mV/V output. The CSG110 Amplifier provides a VDC and/or Current output via its built-in regulated bridge excitation source. Different models available to meet bandwidth of 1kHz, 10kHz or 25 kHz



USB Techology

USB5XX External USB Module

USB Technology eliminates the need for amplifiers, filters, and multimeters with a “plug and play” technology. The set up is quick and the cost is much lower than a traditional Sensor System.  Wide variety of USB Sensors available in Load Cells, Torque, Pressure and Multi Axis Sensors and utilising the SENSIT Software to capture and illustrate your data.

The Futek USB520 is an external USB module for amplified, non-amplified, and encoder input sensors. Suitable for test and measurement applications ranging from machine builders to laboratory environments, the USB520 offers great speed, resolution and stability with minimised noise and non-linearity.



IAA Family In-line amplifiers

 Portable Calibration Kits

Futek’s IAA Family introduces in-line amplifiers for any full bridge strain gauge sensor with mV/V range outputs. These two models provide either voltage or current output. The sleek enclosure is durable allowing the amplifier to be used in a wide range of industrial environments and includes an integrated DIN clip.

 The FUTEK Portable Calibration Kit. This revolutionary tool is a three channel monolithic force sensor calibration tool used to audit testing probes for touchscreen devices. When paired with FUTEK instrumentation offers high precision and high repeatability.   The kit features:

  • A low 7 mm profile to mimic the height of latest in consumer touch screen devices
  • 2 kHz natural frequency for fast dynamic response
  • 3 individual channels that can be triangulated to determine location, load distribution, and total force across the entire active surface  

Metromatics sell, supply and support the Futek brand within Australia & New Zealand. Please Contact us now for further information or pricing.

Dytran Instruments, Inc

Dytran Instruments, Inc is a leading manufacturer of piezo electric and DC Mems accelerometers. They also manufacture state of the art Force and Pressure Sensors, Accelerometers, Impedance Heads, Impulse Hammers and supporting accessories.



Force Sensors

Dytran offer a range of Piezoelectric and DC Reponse Accelerometers products such as:

Industrial, Triaxial, Low Bias, Shock, Airborn, Miniature, High Precision MEMS, General Purpose, Moisture resistant, Cryogenic,  and High Temperature Triaxial Accelerometers.

Dytran offer a range of charge mode or IEPE force sensors, products such as: IEPE force sensors, Ring Style Force Sensors and High Temperature Force Sensors.  Many different styles and sizes are availalble.


Pressure Sensors

Impedance Head

Dytran offer a range of charge mode or IEPE pressure sensors.  Many different styles and sizes are availalble with 0.33 mV/psi to 18,000 psi maximum pressure.

Dytran model 5860B is an IEPE impedance head, consisting of a 100 mV/lbf  force sensor and a 100 mV/g accelerometer within the same housing, designed to simultaneously measure driving force and resultant acceleration at the point of force applied to a test article.


Impulse Hammer


Dytran offer a range of general purpose IEPE (optional) impulse hammers used to excite structures or machinery with a definable impulse force with 1 mV/lbf to 500 mv/lbf sensitivity.

Dytran offer a range of Electronics such as In-line charge amplifiers, Signal Conditioners, Vibration Meters, IEPE Sensor Simulators, Current Power Source Units and In-line TEDS Adaptor