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Lustro-Lam Laminating Solution

Product Code: LLLS01

Lustro-Lam™ Laminating Solution

Lustro Lam is a specially formulated clear thermal transfer ribbon that mates with the surface of the label, and doesn’t require an expensive laminator or die cutter. It can be digitally applied via thermal printing process, as a full bleed or spot application, which enhances the gloss of the label (not suitable for Matt Stocks) and provides extra resistance against various abrasions, chemicals and water.



The Benefits of Lustro-Lam 

Pairs well with the Kiaro! InkJet Label Printer to produce beautiful, rich, glossy colour labels.

Labels are water & chemically resistant – tested to be 1000% more resistant to substrates such as water, alcohol, essential oils, hydraulic fluid, cleaning chemicals than unlaminated polypropylene printed labels.

Lustro Lam protects and enhances the printed label - The gloss level of Lustro-Lam is rated at nearly 3x higher than non-laminated gloss paper labels printed by an inkjet label printer.


Lustro-Lam Solution is compact and user friendlyThe Lustro-Lam solution becomes a standalone laminating station – ideally used with a QuickLabel Pronto! Thermal printing system. The user can simply download the print file to the onboard memory of the system and apply laminate as desired. Users can choose to add lamination to a spot area or to cover an entire label. 




  1. Print beautiful colour labels using Kiaro! & rewinder

  2. Install roll of printed labels in Pronto!

  3. Place Lustro-Lam Roll where your thermal transfer ribbon goes

  4. Using CQL or NiceLabel, create block to size & shape of label, with overbleed.

  5. Select desired quantity (quantity on roll) & print to laminate.

    High speed up to 8 ips!!

    Rewind using Pronto! rewinder

Contact your closest Metromatics Office now for more information on the QuickLabel Lustro-Lam laminating solution or to get your sample roll now!

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