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Rugged Data Acquisition Systems

Product Code: RDAS

Pacific instruments Inc manufacture computer automated physical measurement systems.  Aerospace, Automotive, Defence and Government funded research companies use these systems to measure, store and analyse information and results to solve real-world problems such as passenger safety, earthquake building design and survivability, explosives technology and containment, aircraft engine and design and general scientific research.

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Integrated Conditioning Acquisitions & Control Systems

The Series 6000 is a fully integrated modular transducer conditioning acquisition and control system with supreme accuracy

  • From 2 to thousands of channels in high & low speed, analogue & digital
  • Acquires measurement data from all types of sensors and is customisable
  • Large & small, AC & DC powered enclosures for any test environment
  • Analogue & digital I/O modules condition amplify and digitise signals from transducers
  • Turnkey and/or API software available
  • Configuration to the Series 6000 begins be selecting Enclosures, I/O Modules & Software

Turn Key Data Acquisition Systems

Based completely on the Series 6000 hardware and software platform, Series 6800 is a turnkey system configured for measurement types and environments.

Systems available for

  • Strain/Bridge, Voltage/IEPE, thermocouple for laboratory or portable applications
  • 8 – 128 Channels expandable
  • Turnkey software focusing on testing

Signal Conditioning Systems

High performance, microprocessor controlled signal conditioning amplifiers are used for transducer data acquisition.  Advanced features include

  • Automatic Zero, balance and calibration
  • Computer monitoring and display of excitation and output
  • Operators warning for limit conditions
  • Digital Storage for transient and waveform capture
  • Automated or Manual Amplifiers available
Transient Recording Systems

Series 5800 is a transient recording system for explosive and other high speed recording applications like shock and vibration testing.  Advanced features include

  • High bandwidth signal conditioning on each measurement channel
  • Digitising rates up to 10MS/s and recording to on-board memory
  • Used in Laboratory or harsh environments
  • Turn Key Software
  • A system includes Enclosure, I/O Module and Software

Ruggedised Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems

The Series 7000 Ruggedised Ethernet Data Acquisition Systems are designed for installation in Wind Tunnels, Engine Test Stands and other facilities where having the Data Acquisition System closer to the test article improves signal quality and reliability and reduces installation and cable costs.  Other features include

  • Each unit is a network appliance which conditions, amplifies and digitises outputs from transducers
  • Multiple units are easily combined
  • 24-Bit A/D per channel provide high accuracy and high resolution for real-time temperature, compensation of gain offset and Excitation Voltage

Metromatics sell, supply and support the Pacific Instruments product range within Australia & New Zealand. Please Contact us now for further information or pricing.

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