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Telemetry Boards & Telemetry Systems

Product Code: TBTS

Telemetry Boards & Telemetry Systems

Lumistar designs and manufactures telemetry products for the flight test and antenna tracking communities. Board level products are manufactured with PCI, PCIe, cPCI bus interfaces as well as continuing support of ISA and VME legacy products. Lumistar products are also available without a PC interface or require an OS to operate. Serial, USB or Ethernet interfaces are used for control. Well documented application software with example code allows users to write their own applications for integration of Lumistar products into their telemetry systems.

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Lumistar offers the LS-28 series of high performance multi-band multi-mode RF Receiver/Combiners in several different versions including rack mount, portable and modular formats. Complete solutions from RF to bits and/or RF to UDP data broadcast in Chapter 10 format are available. Available at any frequency range from 215 MHz to 6000 MHz, data rates to 50 Mbps.

RF Telemetry receivers, tracking receivers, down converters

Lumistar offers single PCI slot multi-band FM receivers. The same product in a “drive Bay” configuration is available. All Lumistar FM receivers can come without the FM demodulator use as antenna tracking receivers or for use as down converters used with an IF receiver for multi-mode digital combining and demodulation. Dual channel versions are also available.

IF Receivers, Digital demodulators and combiners, TM Displays

The IF Digital processing board is a workhorse for all digital demodulation and combing. It can also support other unique functions like sub-carrier demodulation, FM/FM demodulation and tone receiving.

Bit Synchs, Decoms and DAC

Lumistar manufacture a range of bit synchronizer, daughterboards and decommutator boards with rates up to 40 Mbps, dual channel versions in form factors such as PCI and CompactPCI.

Telemetry Simulators and Test Transmitters

Lumistar’s Command Data Telemetry Simulators offer a dynamic way to create or change a PCM data stream on a word by word basis on the fly. This PCM data stream can be used to modulate an FM or SOQPSK RF output at S-Band or L-Band. In addition to simulating a new telemetry stream, the telemetry simulators can play back and loop an archived data file or create pseudo-random patterns.

Integrated Receivers, demodulators, bit synchronizers

Lumistar provides a wide variety of rack mount integrated receiver and diversity combiner systems. Some of these can be configured with multiple receivers, diversity combiners, and bit synchronizers depending on custom requirements. Lumistar does not manufacture any computers, but selects only the finest of the industrial machines available to provide a high performance package. Basic system setup, control, and display software is included with each of these systems at no additional cost.

Portable Telemetry Systems

Lumistar’s portable receivers and test transmitters take the state of the art technology found in the PCI receivers and simulators and install it into a hand held units. Our dependable Telemetry Systems can be configured using our card level products into unique custom solutions.

Airborne Receivers & bit synchronizers

The Lumistar LS-26 Series Airborne FM Receiver and/or Bit Synchronizer is based on the popular LS-25-P2 PCI Receiver and LS-40-DB20 Bit Synchronizer Daughterboard designs with ruggedised packaging to survive the most severe airborne conditions. The LS-26 is available in several configurations: 1) Airborne FM receiver only (without bit synchronizer), 2) Airborne FM receiver with bit synchronizer, or 3) Airborne bit synchronizer only. Models with receivers are available in S-band or lower-L band as standard. Other RF bands are available; please consult the factory for details. The modular design consists of an RF to IF down-converter, 70 MHz IF receivers with FM demodulation, bit synchronizer, and airborne power supply. The appropriate modules are selected for the desired application on manufacturing and installed in the appropriate machined aluminum enclosure which will meet the most severe airborne environments.

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