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Video Insertion, Time Code Readers & Generators

Product Code: vitcrg001

Instrument Technology Systems (ITS) specialises in the design and manufacture of instrumentation and telemetry products with emphasis on Video Insertion, Recording and Synchronisation, Time Code Generators and Displays and camera control systems  for the Defence and Industrial Market.

Latest News from ITS

ITS have recently developed and released the first HD-SDI Video Recorder designed specifically for Video Instrumentation Applications.  This product is ITS Model 6520 Inserter-Recorder - major features include

  • No Compression
  • No Artifacts
  • No loss of any Video Elements
  • Records to Volatile and Non Volatile Memories
  • Discrete event trigger inputs and much more

For further information on the ITS 6520 Inserter-Recorder, please click here

Technical Brief from ITS

How does compression work in HD-Video?

ITS America Product Range

Analogue Video Insertion Products

Video Insertion Generators
Multi Channel Video Data Insertion
Video Data Encoders/Decoders


HD-SDI Video Products

HD-SDI Video Insertion Generators
Multi Channel HD SDI Video Data Encoders
Ruggedised HD SDI Video Data Encoders

VMEbus Products

Video Insertion Generators/Annotators
Video Data Encoders/Decoders
Video Synchronisers

IRIG Decoders/Inserters

Time Code Readers & Generators

IRIG Generators/Readers/Translators
Airborne, Mobile, Portable IRIG Generators
IRIG Generators with Video Insertion
IRIG Distribution Amplifiers

Time Code Display

Panel & Aircraft Mounting Models
Countdown Clocks

Video Pattern Generators & Synchronisers

Custom Video Pattern Generators RS170, RS343, CCIR

NTSC, RS170 and High Speed Video Synchronisers, GPS IRIG B

Pan & Tilt/Camera/Device Controllers & DE2 Interface

Hierarchical Camera & Pan & Tilt control System
Remote Camera Controllers – Hardware & PC Control Models
Receiver/Drivers for visible light & Infrared cameras
Custom receivers for special cameras
Universal interface system for multi camera and multi positioner configurations

Airborne & Miniature Products

Time Code Generators, Video Inserters, Distribution Amplifiers

Metromatics sell, supply and support the ITS brand within Australia & New Zealand. Please Contact us now for further information or pricing.

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